Collaborations & Analytical Tools
Collaborations & Analytical Tools
Collaborations & Analytical Tools

Collaborations & Analytical Tools


Worldfavor is a sustainability management tool that collects and analyses data. Hultafors Group implemented Worldfavor in 2020 to improve traceability and transparency throughout the value chain. Today, our own thirty-two sites use the Worldfavor energy use tool to report emissions and waste management. Our target is to have 100% of our suppliers in the system contributing through self-assesment-questionnaires designed to increase sustainability knowledge and lower the risks.

Swedish Chemicals Group

The Swedish Chemicals Group disseminates the latest knowledge and leading edge information related to chemical and environmental issues to member companies in the textile and electronics industry. Our membership provides access to external monitoring and networks, practical tools, updates on relevant legislation as well as news about innovation, risks and potential non-harmful alternatives in the area of chemicals. Wherever possible, we want to minimise and eliminate the presence of unwanted chemicals in products such as textiles, footwear and electric and electronic equipment.

The Textile Importers

We work closely with The Textile Importers, a trade association for any company dealing in textiles, leather goods, clothing or shoes. They provide an industry-specific service, helping us keep up to date with everything there is to know about trading these products.

Leather Working Group

Hultafors Group is a member of Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG is a non-profit organisation responsible for the world’s premiere leather manufacturing certification.

Since 2005, LWG has identified environmental best practices within the global leather industry and provided guidelines for immediate and ongoing improvement. LWG offers a suite of auditing tools to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities, and to certify those that meet the standards. Hultafors Group sources increasingly from LWG certified suppliers to improve the product quality and to support the manufacturers that invest in the greening of the leather industry.

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