Working with us.


We take great pride in our work.

We are a customer-oriented company offering a dynamic range of premium brands to rely on. This is something our employees take great pride in.

Hultafors Group originates as far back as 1883, when our folding rule production was started. Since then, we have grown steadily and we all carry this proud heritage in our daily work.

We still produce high quality products, where we spend time and effort developing every little detail and making each product unique in its own way. The pride we all feel for the history, the company and our products is clearly visible every day at work.

A large company’s structure – a small company’s mind set.

Hultafors Group is large enough to have the key structure and functions in place, but it is small enough to not be anonymous, each individual counts and makes a difference.

Our owners, Investment AB Latour, have a long term vision for their ownership and investment, and Hultafors Group has long been a successful and profitable company, which secures stability for all of us working here.

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