When hearing matters.


Hellberg Safety develop and supply hearing protection and communication solutions for all people exposed to excessive noise at work. At Hellberg Safety, your hearing is our largest concern.

Hellberg Safety is an international company with over 50 years’ experience of developing hearing protection and communication solutions.

Since the start in 1962, our focus has been on developing effective and comfortable hearing protection that eliminates harmful noise while allowing the sounds you want to hear to reach you. Our goal is that you use our protection 100% of the time you might be exposed to harmful noise.

Investment in advanced technology and in our own sound laboratory has put us at the forefront of new hearing protection development. We are an international company that invests considerable resources in strengthening our partners’ marketing and sales in order to keep you informed about our unique solutions.

With knowledge, experience and future technology Hellberg gives solutions which increases our partners attractiveness in the PPE market and contributes to end-users’ wellbeing when subjected to noisy environments. .

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