Hultafors Group's Core Values.

Insight - Serving genuine needs.

It all starts and ends with our customers and users. Everything we do, we do to satisfy genuine needs. We take an outside-in perspective and all our products and services originate from the genuine needs of customers and professional users.

We work closely and nurture strong relationships with our customers and users. To succeed we walk in their shoes, see things from their point of view, and let their needs guide our work. We strive to make a difference.

Trust - Being reliable in every way.

We are a partner to be relied on – in every way, internally as well as externally. We perform at the right time and according to expectations. 

Offering a portfolio of leading brands and products in combination with superior customer service, we are a solid partner in everything we do – someone who all stakeholders always can trust and rely on. When we say that we exist to create a
better day for the craftsman, these are not just words. 

It’s a promise you can trust.

Action - Impact is everything.

We are doers. We evolve by doing, always prepared and with the ability to quickly act and deliver the best solution for each unique situation. That’s how we get things done. With open minds we seek new ways and new solutions, and as far as possible we strive for simplicity.

Respect - Respecting people and the planet.

We believe in our colleagues and respect the individual. We embrace teamwork, modesty, sustainability and understanding for others. 

We understand thoroughly that business and organizations are all about people, and that people make the difference between average and success. We therefore support each other in our individual and team development, making sure that each
and everyone can contribute to the success of the company. 

There are no shortcuts when it comes to business ethics and we conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. We respect differences and take our social responsibility seriously, including promoting a sustainable environment by developing and manufacturing products and processes that integrate with the natural
eco cycle and value chain.