Sustainability Policy.

Sustainable development is an opportunity for Hultafors Group and aims to bring long-term profit for our business. 

Hultafors Group strive to develop and produce products that fulfil the sustainability requirements to contribute to a better society long-term. Our ambition is to perform to a high standard of sustainability.

We use our competence to:

  • Reduce our impact on the local and global environment.
  • Collaborate with the society in which we are operating.
  • Use life cycle analysis methodology to determine relevant and significant sustainability aspects of our products for continuous environmental improvements of new and existing products.
  • Take responsibility for how our products affect distributors and end users.
  • Inform and support our suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and end users in their sustainability development.
  • Be a responsible and sustainable employer for all our employees.
  • Integrate sustainability in our daily work.

We make certain to comply with international, regional and local regulatory requirements. Our challenge is to perform according to high standards of corporate best practice of sustainability.