For us it is important that you can trust our products as well as our actions. We are not satisfied just being a part of the future – we aim to be in the forefront in our business in terms of sustainability.

“We are not satisfied just being a part of the future – we aim to be at the forefront in our business in terms of sustainability.”

Sustainability for us is as much a social perspective as it is an environmental approach.

We aspire to have a positive impact on the people affected by our operations, to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, and to generate profitable growth to the benefit of our employees and stakeholders . We also make sure to take an active role and collaborate in the society we are part of, acting as a responsible employer.

Our environmental work is based on our strategy and environmental policy. Sustainability is a natural part of our strategy, it is integrated in our daily work, built on respect for people, our planet and our profit.

We have high ambitions for our contribution to a sustainable future. It is important that our products as well as our actions can be trusted. We are not satisfied just being a part of the future – we aim to be at the forefront in our business in terms of sustainability. 

Our owner Investment AB Latour has a long tradition of acting responsibly, which is shown by the company's long-term investment horizon and management style.




Focus Areas


Respect for people.

Our ambition is that everyone working for us should have good working conditions. We aspire to have a positive impact on all people affected by our operations despite what role it might be. Because we know it is the individuals that makes the difference between average and successful.


Our Code of Conduct sets the standard for what we  consider important and ensures that the working conditions at independent suppliers are consistent with our company´s Core Values. We strive to build long-term relationships with our producers. For example, we have worked with the same producer in Vietnam for 18 years and counting, which is the longest relationship so far.

To ensure our high standards and quality, we have a well-established organisation employed with a role to monitor, develop and audit the outsourced production and self-owned factory units.

Monitoring sustainability in regards to outsourced production in developing countries is one of the largest challenges within our value chain and therefore a constant and continuous work. To ensure high business ethics, fair working conditions and human rights in our value chain, we carry out both internal and external 3rd party audits of our suppliers and subcontractors on a regular basis in order to make sure they follow the requirements stated in our Code of Conduct that all Hultafors Group suppliers must comply to.

Our Employees

Ensuring healthy and involved employees is a priority for Hultafors Group. Our aim is that no employee should get injured at work and that all employees should have a good and healthy work environment. We constantly work to reduce the risk for accidents at work, and strive to promote good health and involvement. Everyone is involved in our work environment efforts and we continuously work to improve our work environment. We also monitor Lost-Time-Incidents per 1000 hours, aiming for zero.

It is important for us to be an attractive employer and when looking at our history, this is something that has always been at our core. We do not take it for granted, and as mentioned, we know it is the individuals that make the difference between average and successful. 

We strive to minimize our environmental impact while optimizing the functionality for those using our products. And we contribute to good working conditions and wellbeing for our professional users by having good insight into their needs.

When developing a new product, we always involve the craftsmen in the design process to fully understand their genuine needs in their daily work and perfect the design at an early stage.  This is how Sustainability becomes yet another way we live up to our promise: In every way, a partner to rely on.


Respect the planet.

We work proactively to reduce our environmental footprint. For us, it is important that our products are made to last long and that our production is as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are certified according to ISO 14001 & 9001. However, we still have a few areas left, but the process to get them certified is ongoing. When it comes to choosing suppliers, we strive to work with suppliers certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

All our owned plants work with environmental action lists originating from aspectlists to minimise their consumption of waste, energy and chemicals.

To reduce the impact on the environment and minimise health and safety hazards from chemicals, we conduct proactive chemical work throughout our value chain with the support of the Swedish Chemical Group and Swerea IVF under RISE (Research Institute of Sweden)

We also work closely with Textilimportörerna. The Textile Importers is a trade association for any company dealing in textiles, leather goods, clothing or shoes. They provide us with an industry-specific service, helping us keep up to date with everything there is to know about trading these products.

We are also part of the Sweden Textile Water Initiative. By taking part, we hope to gain a better understanding of the water challenges faced by the industry and finding the right mechanisms to address them, learn and perform good sustainability results and practices. The aim is to progress to a global network, increasing knowledge sharing in the textile industry and working with sustainable resource management in the supply chain.





Respect the profit.

Without profit, the business is not sustainable but a sustainable business is a profitable one. We believe it is as simple as that.

We have high ambitions in contributing to a sustainable future, and we believe that we can combine sustainability with profitability. By acting responsibly with regards to how our products are made, transported and used, we can contribute to good health for our users and minimize the effects on the environment.

We aim to increase our efforts in investigating possibilities regarding end of life solutions for our products.

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