Safety in every step.


Wibe Ladders offer a wide range of products and services for work at heights. We always put safety and quality first, so you can get the job done efficiently without compromising your safety.

Wibe Ladders is the leading Nordic provider of products and services for work at heights.

For more than 80 years we have led the development of reliable ladders and scaffolding that allows you to get the job done in the most safe and efficient way.

Our first ladder was made in Mora, Sweden in 1929. It was based on a patent on a hexagonal steel profile. The man behind the revolutionary steel ladder was the inventor Anders Wikstrand. Together with the financier Victor Berg he laid the foundations for the company. Today it is still run on the same principles of quality and safety but nowadays most products are made from aluminium instead of steel.

The heart of the business is our factory and warehouse in Nässjö, Sweden. Here we manufacture the larger portion of our product range and every year around 1200 tons of aluminum are transformed into ladders by our 40 employees. With our own factory, we can make sure that everything we manufacture is of the highest quality and manufactured in a fair manner with respect for both people and environment.


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