Performance through innovation.


Solid Gear offer protective footwear, determined to be at the forefront when it comes to materials and design. We never compromise on quality, ensuring performance through innovation.

Solid Gear started in 2004 determined to modernize safety footwear.

Already with our first protective shoe, we demonstrated how thoughtful design, advanced materials and new technologies can revolutionize entire product categories.

Ever since, Solid Gear has provided market leading protective footwear for professional workers. The work of each new product starts in the toughest work environments - in mines, on stands and factory floors. Here is our opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a better working day.

Today we offer a wide range of protective footwear that comply both with European directives and the requirements of users that want the best.

Knowledge from the field is complemented by tough laboratory tests, ensuring that protection and performance exceed all standards. The last word has our professional users. Only after tough tests in their reality, we know we delivered. Performance through innovation.


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