Inventing workwear.


Snickers Workwear develop cutting-edge workwear based on the real needs of professional users combining amazing fit, hardwearing comfort and advanced functionality.

When Snickers Workwear started over 40 years ago we invented the very concept of modern workwear.

Ever since, the real needs of professional users have been the starting point for our product developments, pushing us forward. 

The story of Snickers Workwear started in 1975, when an electrician named Matti Viio lost his cool because his work clothes simply weren't good enough. Several times he had suggested modifications to the clothes he had to work in, but no one listened. Finally he took the matter in his own hands and designed his own workwear. "That was my protest against the established workwear industry. I wanted to show that we workers have pride and know-how, and that our need for respect is the same as that of all other groups in society."

Snickers Workwear has been leading the way with pioneering workwear ever since. Today we are one of the leading brands in the industry in Europe, represented in more than 20 countries.

We combine advanced design with superior functionality, comfort, protection and durability. All with the aim of making the professional life of hard-working craftsmen easier, safer and more productive.


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