We value differences

Our company culture is based on trust and respect. We encourage a working environment that is characterised by openness and understanding.

For us it is important that everyone’s opinion is heard and that all colleagues are seen. That is why we put a lot of effort in working with informal dialogue and communication. We not only respect differences, we encourage them as we believe they are necessary for our development.

Within all our functions you will find someone who has worked for the company for decades, alongside someone who has only just joined us. Extensive experience meets new ideas and magic is created.

We are present in all corners of the world.

As the company has grown, we have gradually established our business on other markets, in other parts of the world.

This means that we have colleagues in many different countries, ranging from small offices to larger production units. Working with us, you will have regular contact with colleagues from other parts of the company and the world, and interact with other cultures on a daily basis.

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