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280 million €

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In every way, a partner to rely on

Hultafors Group consists of the brands Snickers Workwear, Hultafors, Wibe Ladders, Solid Gear, Dunderdon, Toe Guard, Hellberg Safety and Johnson Level. Together they form a unique product family for professional craftsmen.

Hultafors Group offers a portfolio of leading brands that keep professional users at the forefront in terms of functionality, safety, protection and overall efficiency.

Each of our brands contribute with knowledge and insight into the challenges professional users experience every day. In combination with our shared passion to keep professional users at the forefront, we can meet, even exceed expectations and deliver products and services that make the workday safer, easier and more productive.

Hultafors Group is represented at all major markets in Europe and has its own sales organisation on key markets. The group is owned by Investment Latour AB and the head office is located in Hultafors, outside Gothenburg in Sweden.

Core Values


Serving genuine needs.

It all starts and ends with our customers and users. Everything we do, we do to satisfy genuine needs. We take an outside-in perspective and all our products and services originate from the genuine needs of customers and professional users. We strive to make a difference.


Respecting people and the planet.

We believe in our colleagues and respect the individual. We understand that it is the people, not the company itself that stands behind a great result. For us it is important to support teamwork and personal development. We respect differences and take our social responsibility seriously.


Being reliable in every way.

We are a partner to be relied on – in every way, internally as well as externally. We perform at the right time and according to expectations. When we say that we exist to create a better day for the professional, these are not just words. It’s a promise you can trust.


Everything is possible.

We are passionate doers. By looking for and driving opportunities, we constantly evolve. With open minds, we seek new ways and solutions to grow our business. We are always prepared to take action and aim to deliver the best solution for each unique situation. This is how we get things done.

Attention to detail

Exceeding expectations.

Our driving force is to exceed our customers’ expectations. By paying attention to the details in every aspect of our business, we offer a premium experience. We know it can be done – all the way from budding idea to perfected delivery. Perfection in the smallest detail.



To be the obvious choice for professional users and the best partner to our customers.


We exist to create a better day for professional users so they can excel and thrive. Now and in the future.

Professional users

All our brands are united in a common passion: to keep professional users at the forefront in terms of functionality, safety, protection and overall efficiency. We strive to meet, and even exceed expectations with the aim to deliver products and services you can rely on, in every situation.


For distributors, our range of premium brands is a powerful combination that leads to exciting value-adding synergies and profit potential. This, in combination with superior customer service, adds up to us being a partner to rely on – in every way


We are a customer-oriented company that offers high-quality products and superior customer service. This is something our employees take great pride in as well as knowing you are part of a culture based on trust and respect – a team to rely on.

A short history, rooted in the 19th century

In the early 2000’s tool manufacturer Hultafors, which had started operations as a folding rule manufacturer back in 1883, accelerated its on-going expansion with a number of acquisitions.

Our story

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